Affordable Rates That Save You Money

Paintless dent removal is an effective way to repair dings, dents, creases, and hail damage on your vehicle. Please keep in mind many factors affect the cost of paintless dent removal. The location of the imperfection, depth of dent, conditions of the paint in the dented area, braces and support behind the dent, and electronics can all affect the technique and price of the repair.

Dents can appear smaller at the surface, but similar to a rock dropped in a pond, the dent expands both inward and outward. It is best to have Dent Kraft PDR take a look at your dent and we’ll provide you with a written estimate for your repairs.

It’s difficult to price PDR without actually seeing the dent in person. In order to estimate a price range, we have created the following guidelines. The following estimates can give you an idea of what to expect:

Dent Size                 Estimated Cost

1” diameter                $85-$100

1-1/2” diameter        $100-$125

2” diameter                $125-$150

2-1/2” diameter        $150-$200

*Additional dents on the same panel are 50% of the price of a single dent price.

3 – $100 dents on the same door = $200

The first dent is $100 and the next two are $50 each.

*All the dents must be on the same panel of the vehicle to receive a discount. If they are on 2 different panels, the single dent price will apply to both. The largest dent is always the first dent priced per panel.

*The prices above are for dents of average depth and easy access.

*Prices do not include charges for removal and replacement of such things as head liners and other parts that may need to be removed to gain access to the back of the dented area. Every effort is made to minimize these costs.